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Yamaha B3SC3 Silent Chrome

As the largest model of the B Series, the Yamaha B3, with its longer strings, and larger solid spruce soundboard and cabinet, boasts a wonderfully rich and singing sound

All  new SC3 - SILENT Piano™

This is a remarkable acoustic piano that can be played silently while letting you adjust the volume, retaining the rich and complex sound that’s unique to an acoustic instrument. Switch to Quiet mode and the hammers are stopped just before hitting the strings, while keystroke movements are read by optical sensors. These trigger the internal tone generator which reproduces a digitally sampled piano sound in your headphones. The result is an exceptionally natural acoustic piano sound that you can enjoy playing at any time, without worrying about your surroundings.

For the more serious pianist, b3 is the perfect combination of performance and affordability.

The introduction of the Yamaha b3 to the b series range sees it approach professional standards whilst remaining true to the b series' design philosophy of value and affordability.

The b3 out-performs pianos costing a great deal more by incorporating Yamaha's traditional values as well as benefiting from the latest production techniques. b3's powerful yet articulate characteristics are produced by a larger frame and soundboard and higher grade hammers coupled with a proven, high specification action design:




10 YEAR YAMAHA WARRANTY* 5 Years electronic  

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