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Yamaha C3 Studio

Deep resonance and rich harmonies. The fine sound of the C3 STUDIO, a Yamaha tradition, gives the pianist the freedom to play as they feel.

Refinements in copper-wound string specifications deliver purer, more perfectly pitched and harmonious bass.

• Barrel-shaped treble hammer shanks, similar to those of the concert grand, improve dynamic and tonal response.

•Bridges crafted from choice, finely grained woods, selected to complement each scale design, provide superior sound transmission.

• Rim specifications attuned to the characteristics of each model optimize strength, stability and resonance.

•Model-specific production enables more-focused tuning, voicing and regulation, for optimal long-term performance.

• Precise note-by-note strike point alignment produces crisper, clearer tones.

Height 101cm
Width 149cm
Depth 186cm
Age -