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We have one of the best collections of used pianos across the UK.

Second Hand Pianos at Park Pianos

Second Hand Pianos


Yamaha YU3

A handcrafted Superior edition U3 with concert grade hammers and broader dynamic range - soft close fall a superb ...

Yamaha U5

Premium Model features Sostenuto Pedal and Practice Rail.

Yamaha U3M

Factory Reconditioned Premium Series Handcrafted Model from Yamaha

Yamaha U3H

Factory Reconditioned Premium Series Made in Japan High Performance Piano

Yamaha U3H

U series Premium Performance Piano with Practice pedal

Yamaha U300

A professional performance range piano to suit any Pianist

Yamaha U300

Premium Piano, elegant feature panel

Yamaha U1Z

Rare Beech Finish with Very little use.

Yamaha U1H

Factory Reconditioned Premium Series Popular Best selling Yamaha

Yamaha U1H

U series high level piano recently reconditioned

Yamaha U10A

Premium Range piano.

Yamaha P121 Silent

Costs £8000 New Features Factory Fitted Silent supplied with new headphones

Yamaha GB1

Yamaha smallest Grand Piano 4ft 11, powerful for a small Grand

Yamaha G2

Premium Grand piano Made in Japan

Yamaha DYUS1

Self playing high end piano, like new RRP £13000+

Yamaha Compact

A very powerful Japanese Compact By Yamaha Built to the highest quality, suit small spaces

Yamaha Compact

Powerful compact upright Made in Japan

Yamaha C5

A superb Premium Example form Yamaha 6ft7 Cost New Around £28000

Yamaha C3

Awaiting Preparation Just Arrived .

Yamaha C110

Compact & Modern Yamaha - Smallest Upright.

Yamaha C1

Made In Japan - This powerful small Grand from the Professional Level Yamaha C Series

Yamaha 108

Compact Powerful piano made in Japan

Yamaha 107

Compact Powerful piano made in Japan


An elegant compact upright Made in England like new

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